The beggar who begged like a Boss!


Long back, when I was a kid

This beggar used to come to our streets.

Nobody knew about her past

But the way she carried herself conveyed,

She must have once belonged to an elite class.

Like any other beggar she was skinny and plain

And wore a rusty saree that swept the entire lane.

Sober and Docile were her first impression,

Little did we know she had a sharp tongue and massive aggression.

Money was never her demand

Instead she used to ask for a glass of water

And accused the residents for taking her homeland

And referred them as ‘outsiders’.

One fine day my mother was moved by her scorching words

And offered her water so that she could quench her thirst.

To her surprise she threw the water and emptied the glass

And yelled at mother for being less courteous.

It seemed she expected food to be served as well,

She criticized her for not understanding the real need of sustenance

My sweet uncle, who was known for his generosity and kindness,

Once had an encounter with this lady.

He was taken aback when she did the same to him

And thus he decided never to give alms to any poor or pilgrim.

She ditched her Ego only in front of an old Granny,

Who was an epitome of love and compassion.

She never said a ‘no’ to her ‘one and only host’

And took whatever was donated by her without any revolt.

Besides this she was also known for her punctuality.

Every Sunday morning nine o’clock sharp,

We could hear her voice down the street.

My brother and I made fun of her,

Named her ‘Freedom Fighter’ and created a cool rap out of her rants.

We used to sing this song of ours for long until we grew apart.

Several years later when I came home,

I saw her begging in front of the granny’s house oblivious of her demise.

She had turned weak and more fragile

But still had not shunned her attitude.

We rebuke and mock when people  beneath us throw their ego

And find it classy when the same is done by an aristocrat.

Perhaps her attitude was the reflection of the people’s behavior towards her.

There can be many theories that can be opined

But one thing is for sure that

I will never forget a beggar

Who used to beg like a boss!